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Frequently Asked Questions About Georgia Personal Injury

Here are some of the most commonly asked questions about personal injury cases and what to do. I am attorney Kristina Ducos. At The Ducos Law Firm, LLC, I offer personal, dedicated and accessible personal injury representation. Not sure if you should pursue a settlement or lawsuit? I offer a free consultation to get your questions answered. Call 678-628-2667 and let’s set up a time to meet. I serve clients throughout Atlanta.

What should I do if I have just been involved in an auto collision?

Always call 911 and make a police report. Even if you feel the vehicles can be moved, properly documenting a crash scene is vital. Without a police report, there is no documentation to prove you were involved in a collision that caused an injury. Additional police reports provide key facts and witness statements needed to pursue an injury claim. Once a police report is created, seek out medical treatment immediately to document your injuries.

Then call me, Kristina Ducos, at 678-628-2667 and let me begin working for you!

Do I need to take photos and videos if a report was created?

Absolutely! A picture is worth a thousand words. Preserving evidence, in any case, is critical. Take photos and video of the area where the incident occurred; take as many as possible. If you have visible injuries, you should take pictures initially and continuously as the injuries heal. Photos and video are vital to fighting a denied liability claim.

It has been a few days since my collision/incident, and I am still in pain. What should I do?

The No. 1 insurance defense regardless of the type of injury is referred to as a “gap” in medical treatment. Carriers use this to justify low settlement offers and refusal to cover medical expenses. Any delay in medical care to document and treat injuries will negatively impact your personal injury claim. As soon as you experience pain you need to seek out medical treatment immediately.

I can’t afford medical care, what should I do?

At The Ducos Law Firm, LLC, I want to ensure that you have an opportunity to receive the medical care necessary to treat your injuries without the fear of upfront cost. If the cost of medical treatment is preventing you from receiving the medical care you need, give me a call immediately to discuss your treatment options. Many people who are in car crashes believe that because they may be partially at fault they cannot pursue an injury claim. This may not be true.

As an attorney focused on Atlanta personal injury cases, I work with an array of medical providers and specialists who can assist with appointments and transportation for medical appointments if necessary.

Have health insurance but are unsure of how to locate a medical provider? Give me a call today. As one of my clients, I can assist in connecting you with a medical provider in your area who accepts your health insurance coverage.

I was injured on a commercial property. Do I have a case?

Georgia law places a duty on all property owners to keep their premises safe for all invitees. This could mean ensuring there are no hazardous conditions or defects on the property which could cause injury. It could also mean putting adequate safety measures in place and enforcing them to prevent harm to invitees on the property. Premises liability cases can often have complex liability issues that rely heavily on each case’s facts. This is true of negligent security, slip-and-fall cases and dog bite cases. Give me a call today to discuss the specific facts of your case.

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