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Know Your Rights After A Life-Altering Motor Vehicle Accident

Last updated on April 25, 2022

I know your life, as well as those who love you, has been turned upside down. I know that nothing I can do will undo what’s been done. However, as a passionate, dedicated and aggressive personal injury attorney, I have seen the difference good medical care and representation can make. In addition to physical injuries, clients often undergo financial burdens as a result of being injured such as lost wages, medical bills, out of pocket expenses, etc. This is why I do this work. I want to help you. Let’s talk about what I can do, call 678-981-7971 and set up a free consultation.

Help With Various Crash Scenarios

There are innumerable ways a collision can happen. However, there are common things that cause these accidents. I can help with injuries that result from:

  • Vehicle vs. motorcycle collisions
  • Car vs. bike
  • Pedestrian vs. auto
  • Commercial vehicle collisions

The reason behind almost all crashes is driver error. This may mean the other driver was distracted, on drugs or drunk, texting, speeding, reckless, not obeying traffic signals and rules or driving aggressively. I will investigate the scene and when necessary pull in experts to prove both negligence and liability on the part of the other driver. Often times, liability is denied by an at-fault party regardless of an officer’s decision regarding whom was at fault. This is why obtaining an experienced attorney is vital.

What Compensation Typically Covers

Every car accident is different. You may suffer the same injury as someone else but to a different degree. Therefore, the type and amount of damages will vary. Typically, most motor vehicle collisions the damages pursued will be all of your:

  • Medical expenses, including exams, surgeries, medications, rehab, equipment and therapies
  • Past and future pain and suffering
  • Loss of income and the loss of your earning capacity
  • Loss of companionship (for maimed individuals)
  • Your lost personal property, such as your car, motorcycle or other items
  • Punitive damages in face specific cases

You may be surprised to find out how much these bills can add up to be. You may also be shocked at how low insurance companies offer to settle after taking all of these losses and costs into consideration. I will go over your case or the offer from the insurance company with you in a free consultation. I want you to fully understand what your case is worth. As an attorney dedicated to personal injury cases, I have a comprehensive understanding of Georgia personal injury law and process.

Let’s Discuss What You Case Is Worth

I work one-on-one with my clients. I am available to my clients via telephone or email directly. This is what sets me and my firm apart. I call it the Ducos difference in representation. Let’s talk about your injury and next steps: Call 678-981-7971. Or send me, Kristina Ducos, a consultation request via my online form. I help people throughout the state of Georgia as well as in North Carolina and Florida.